After a tumultuous fight to end 287(g), Carrollton suspended the act on September 6. The act had been created to to reduce alien crime, by allowing law enforcement to alert federal forces of an undocumented immigrant. But, caused major controversy among the Hispanic community as activists claimed citizens were afraid to call the police. In July, many gathered to protest 287(g).

   After being used for 8 years, citizens were ecstatic to learn their wish had been granted. But the overturning of 287(g), was a bittersweet moment. Citizens were disheartened to learn that 287(g) was repealed, but Donald Trump's new federal policy would replace it. His policy allows for the same actions to continue on, but officers no longer need to be trained by ICE.  "What the city is basically doing is to try and calm down the community by taking away the program, but they aren't really taking it away," Carreon, 36, said on September 6.

   While many are disappointed about the outcome of events, it has also inspired many to continue their protests. "I feel a bit let down, but I'm also hopeful that the Hispanic community will come out and fight for their children.", said Carreon, 36. It seems that even in the most hopeless of times, people find the endurance and faith to continue on. 

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Happy Gift Giving!


For any DC lover, Justice League was a highly anticipated film. After watching the tragedy of Suicide Squad, fans were hopeful about Justice League. Needless to say people were excited. Directed by Zack Snyder, the film would hold a cast of stars like Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, and Jason Mamoa. Despite all the hype, the film did not receive positive reviews, and after watching it, it's understandable. (No Spoilers)

Wonder Woman's character development was lacking in this film. While it was obvious her character was intended to be the glue of the team, her attempts appeared half-hearted. Her attempts to recruit new members into the Justice League seemed forced and awkward, moments that were supposed to feel sentimental fell flat. No doubt, her action shots were beautiful and awe-inspiring, but the directors attempts to make her seem human and vulnerable did not project properly. It was disappointing to see her do poorly in Justice League, after Wonder Woman’ssuccess.

Tragically, the movie was also extremely predictable. The script was full of terrible one-liners and awkward attempts at humor. I found myself correctly predicting what the characters were going to say, various times! While the script wasn't terrible, it was underwhelming in every sense of the word.

But, it had its redeeming qualities. The soundtrack was the saving-grace of the film. Sigrid’s rendition of “Everybody Knows” builds the perfect ambiance for a world mourning Superman's death. Her haunting voice, and morose lyrics “the good guys lost”, brought tears into my eyes. The introduction to Aquaman’s reckless and uncaring persona is highlighted by heavy guitar riffs and a scratchy, soulful voice in “Come Together” by Gary Clark Jr. & Junkie XL. The music made the action scenes epic and dramatic, and made a mediocre movie great.

That being said, the movie isn't supposed to be a perfect or have Oscar worthy acting.  It’s meant to be fun and hopeful, a reprieve from life's stresses.  I encourage for people to go see it, because it is fun. Without analyzing it, or watching for every error, Justice League is extremely enjoyable.



Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is right around the corner. What's a better way to get into the holiday spirit, then watching a few Christmas movies. These are 5 movies that all have a little holiday cheer. They range from romance, comedy, and even horror. Enjoy!



Children and adults alike will be fans of Will Ferrell's performance in Elf. A human raised believing he was an elf is bound to cause mayhem when leaves Santa's Workshop and travels to the bustling city of New York. The dorky and innocent humor will cause a chuckle or two, and the feel-good story is the perfect example of a Christmas miracle. Available on Amazon Video. 


A Christmas Prince

A sappy and romantic film that makes the heart patter. A sweet story about a journalist that goes undercover to learn more about the reckless King-to-be, or so he seems. The film follows their quick love affair, with just the perfect amount of drama and cliché moments. Available on Netflix.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey's infamous smirk is the best way to ring in the holiday season. Ironically, the Grinch lives to suppress and ruin Whoville's holiday spirit. A classic movie that is loved by everyone and illustrates the true meaning of Christmas. Available on Netflix.




When William “Billy” Peltzer receives the cute and cuddly “Gizmo” for Christmas, he's told he must not feed him after midnight or get him wet. He’s horrified to discover that the little creatures transform when the rules are broken. Billy and friends race against time to prevent the complete destruction of their town and end the mischief of the beastly little creatures. Available on Netflix.


A Christmas Horror Story

Who says Christmas can't be scary? For the horror genre lover, A Christmas Horror Story is the perfect balance between horror and holiday. An anthology of creepy holiday stories that include zombie elves, Krampus, and changelings, the movie caters to all genres of horror. Beware, this film is not for the light-hearted (especially not children)! Available on Netflix.



The fearsome and terror inducing black friday holiday is coming up. A good portion of the population tries to avoid any store on Black Friday. Crowds of rushing and anxious people are a thing to fear. But, for the bonafide deal lover and risk taker, Black Friday is the best day of the year. It offers amazing prices on amazing items. For those who are willing to take the dive into chaos, here are a few must-have items:

Any makeup lover worth their salt loves Ulta. Luckily and blessedly, they are offering some amazing deals this Friday. Doors open at 6PM on Thursday, and online shopping will be available at 5Pm on Thursday, as well. For the Tarte fan out there, they are offering the for Goddess Glam Eye & Cheek Set for $19, which normally has a value of $120.

Black Friday is a great way to invest in some quality clothing without paying the price. Macy's  is offering a variety of deals for everyone! Women's Contemporary and Designer Brands  are 30-50% off,  and Men's Designer clothes for 50% off. Brands including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren are up for grabs. Doors will be open at 5PM through 2AM, and will reopen at 6AM Friday morning.

For the more hardcore fans of Black Friday, buying technology is a must! So here are a few gadgets and toys that are retailing for a significantly lower price. Best Buy is offering the latest model MacBook Air  for $999.99, and the  Xbox One for $229.99 instead for the usual $279.99. Doors at Best Buy will open at 5PM on Thursday evening and close at 1AM. They will reopen at 8AM. To look for more great deals go to

Good luck and happy shoppings!



Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and it's around this time of year when people start to evaluate what really matters in life.  Whether it be their family, friends or that one starbucks barista that makes the most perfect cup of coffee, Thanksgiving brings out the spirit in everyone. This past week, RLT students were challenged by teachers to create a list of people they were thankful for, and send a message of appreciation. While it seemed cheesy and a bit cliché, it was eye-opening experience.

The results were amazing. Incoming text messages could be heard through the class, and everyone was excited to read what they were appreciated for. Earlier that week, a fellow RLT Alumni passed away. He was an enthusiastic and energetic teen, that had no qualms about sharing love. His passing urged more students to participate in the challenge, a lot of us realizing how quickly life could change.  I decided to thank a friend who makes Monday mornings not feel like the end of the world. Moments that I had taken for granted before, held more value. The feeling I got when I recieved my own message is indescribable. Life is precarious, and every moment should be appreciated. From then on, messages were being sent to every member of our group. 

So I challenge you, the reader, to do the same. Sometimes it's easy to assume that people understand they are appreciated, and sometimes they do.  Send a simple text to a loved one, or call a friend. It may seem awkward, or even strange, but there's no denying the satisfaction of making someone's day. With all of the horrors and tragedies this past year, spreading love and support is vital. Life's too short to live it unappreciative of the people that matter the most.

You will be missed, Brandon. 
If you would like to donate to Brandon’s gofundme:

What are you most thankful for this year?
You are encouraged to vote and also add your comments.
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Seniors begin their walk across the field.

High School football is no joke in the south. Stands are packed with fans covered head-to-toe in their school colors, proclaiming their pride and spirit. In a district where rivalries run deep within three schools, a football game is the perfect opportunity to gain bragging rights. This past Friday, was another battle to decide the superior school in CFB. High Schools Creekview and Newman Smith faced off in their annual “Battle of North Carrollton.”

But, this was no ordinary night. As the last game of the season, Seniors would be honored during the start of the game. Troyanns, band members, cheerleaders and football players would walk across the field one last time. In a bittersweet moment, Seniors would face applause, and cheers from their peers in the stands. The pressure to show up Creekview was ever-present.

 And just like earlier years, there was no competition. Newman Smith was ready to kill. With a pep-rally consisting of a rapping principle, and matching “Beat Creekview” shirts, the team was hyped for the night. In a school filled with pride, a win is no coincidence. Senior Vice President, Kathy Pham, said “We had high-hopes in beating [Creekview] again.”

And win they did. With a final score of 7-20, Smith finished their seasons as champs. While the rest of the reason proved to be lack some with an overall record of 2-8, Senior Keeana Esmaili was ecstatic nonetheless, “this win was special for us, because the seniors were closing out their high school football experience with a win against one of our biggest rivals.” Loyal to her Alma Mater, Pham was “proud of the boys, and will bleed green and gold ‘til [she’s] dead and cold.”


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Tray of Treats.

Following Halloween night, there's always an abundance of candy leftover. Well, I decided I was going to use the candy for an experiment. After searching for the most tempting and simple recipe, I came across one on Allrecipes. Using only leftover sweets and snacks, I made Blondies.

Starting the process, I quickly realized there was a small problem. The recipe called for a specific amount of each candy and treat, and I had a vastly different amount of leftovers. So, I decided to wing it. I followed the brownie recipe as closely as possible, but I differed from the candy type and amount stated in the recipe. Deciding to try use as much candy as I could, Butterfingers, Mini Reese's Cups, Pretzels, M&M’s, Hershey's Bars, and Kit-Kats went into the mix. But, the overall recipe used was:

  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

  • 1/8 teaspoon baking soda

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

  • 1/3 cup butter, melted

  • 1 cup packed brown sugar

  • 1 egg, beaten

  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

  • 1 cup of All-Purpose Flour

The recipe was extremely easy to follow, and only took about an hour overall. After mixing in all the ingredients, they went into the oven, and baked for about 20 minutes. Throwing in random amounts of candy seemed fun, in theory. But, as the blonde baked, the amount of candy in the brownie was daunting.

The ending result was an extremely sweet, and slightly salty treat. Had I not been heavy-handed with the candy, the balance in the blonde would have been better. Nonetheless, the brownie was amazing! It's a great way to utilize leftover candy, and it makes for a sweet treat. So for any brownie or candy enthusiast, this is definitely a dessert to try. 



Located in Downtown Carrollton, Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop has garnered a reputation for housing unique and original candy. Originally built to be a flower shop, the business has become a staple for any candy lover. Built to resemble a western store, the atmosphere resembles and heightens the quirky nature of its goods. The walls are filled with a variety of strange sweets, gag gifts and over 800 different soda flavors. From Bacon flavored Cotton Candy, to Pickle Mints, this store has it all! Despite all of the unique candy, Blooms sells a plethora of original and nostalgic candy and soda! Its loyal following can be attributed to the assortment of childhood candy that bring back a wave of nostalgia, “walking in and seeing Razzles and Moon Pies was like a major flashback”, said Kristie Gent. The wide selection of sweets, gifts, and toys make it a hotspot for people of all ages. “We keep coming back because there's just so much to look at and choose from”, said store patron Corrie Stone. For those looking for adventurous candy to pass out on Halloween, make sure to stop by at Blooms!


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Turner Lions faced off in the notorious Battle of Josey Lane friday night. The game proved to be suspenseful with a series of anxiety inducing plays, and sadly the team fell short. Co-Captain and Senior, Somdipto Das spoke on the on the troubles of the team, “it was a complete mess up by our defense and offense alike.” While he was devastated by the loss, Somdipto hopes to leave behind a better legacy.

Despite Friday night's loss, Somdipto’s life has been a sequence of of success and triumphs. An active member of R.L. Turners community, he’s been involved in the prestigious Biomedical Academy, HOSA, National Honor Society, powerlifting, and track. His highschool career has been inspired by his appreciation for the medical field. He became a Biomed ambassador and participates in clinical rotations with intention of pursuing a double major in engineering and biology in the near future.

But, his true love has been football. Having been part of the team since his freshman year, his passion and love for the sport are evident in every word. “I'm a competitive person, and i hate losing.” While Turner lions lost the Battle Of Josey Lane, Som is frank in his belief that “[they] had better players overall, but a few undisciplined players cost [them] the game.” Even willing to admit that it was “the worst defensive game.” But as a captain, he is committed to being a great example for his fellow teammates, especially the underclassmen. He wishes to leave behind a legacy based on merit and determination.