A Little Note from Me to You!  - Property Taxes are paid in Arrears

11 June 2014 at 17:35

Sometimes it can be confusing for Buyers and Sellers when they get to the closing table and have to pay taxes! 

Here is an explaination I found that explains this clearly - Thought it may be useful for you.


    • Paid in arrears typically applies to paying for something that has already happened, as opposed to prepaying. With property taxes, paid in arrears would apply to paying taxes for a period that has already past. For example, if your county tax assessor sends you a property tax bill for one year, and the policy is to bill in arrears, the bill is actually for last year's taxes, as opposed to the current year.


    • While the term paid in arrears might normally apply when discussing a late or past due payment, it does not typically refer to a past due payment when applied to property tax. If the tax assessor bills the property taxes in arrears, the taxes become past due when the property owner fails to meet the payment date set by the tax assessor, not the dates the tax bill covers.

Transferring Ownership

    • When you sell your house and it goes through a title search during the escrow process, one of the items the settlement agent addresses is property tax. If the property owner conveying title pays taxes in arrears, he may have property taxes to pay before conveying title to the new owner. This is typically done through the purchase proceeds. For taxes not paid in arrears, there may be a refund coming to the seller.

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Sellers and Buyers -  Real Estate Agents are here to serve YOU!  Meeting Your needs is the most important task on the list!.  In order to meet your needs, we must keep up to date with the market.  

If you are a Seller, we are here to guide you through the Selling process.  Prepare a Market Analysis and show you the $$Price that homes in your area are selling.  We will guide you throught he process of getting your home ready to sell.  We will list it and Market it for you.

If you are a Buyer, we are here to help you find your Home!  This means listening to your Real Estate needs!  Is a kitchen important to you or is a large back yard!  What are your main "care abouts?"  What is your price range and have you been qualified.  These are areas where your Realtor can guide you.

YOU are our most important resource and filling your needs is our most important task! 

Let me help you with your Real Estate needs! 


Have a Wonderful Day and When You Think of Real Estate, Think of Me!  Don't Forget, Your Referrals are Important to Me! 



Check out the current Housing Trends!  Dallas Texas Real Estate Market is ever changing!  Homes are moving quickly.

Have a Wonderful Day and When You Think of Real Estate, Think of Me!  Don't Forget, Your Referrals are Important to Me! 



Check this out!  These homes are Wonderful for disaster areas!  They look to provide safe and sturdy housing!

Have a Wonderful Day and When You Think of Real Estate, Think of Me!  Don't Forget, Your Referrals are Important to Me! 

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Stop by the open house this Sunday from 2 to 4:00 to view this lovely home!  I look forward to seeing you there!

DROP DEAD GORGEOUS GOLF COURSE VIEW! Huntington Home, stunning entry & formals. Gorgeous fp in lg family room. Luxury master suite w-spa like bath.2nd bedroom & bath down. Up 3 bdrms,2 baths & game room. Pool & spa, outdoor living & cooking. Extensive hand-scraped wood flooring, plantation shutters.  This is a Phenomenal home with luxury finishes in the desirable Coyote Ridge Country Club.

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6 Decisions to Make Before the Home Search


In the market for a new home but have no idea where to start? There are several decisions you should begin to make before you even start your home search. By asking yourself the right questions, you can quickly pinpoint what you want – and can afford – in your next home.

1. What's your budget? See how your finances stand up to the 28/36 rule, which lenders use to see what you can afford to pay each month. A financial adviser or your real estate agent also can help you crunch the numbers. Going through the mortgage pre-approval process lets you know how much lenders will allow you to borrow – plus it helps you show sellers that you have the funds to backup your offer.

2. What do you need in your new home? How many bedrooms or bathrooms do you need? What about a large kitchen, a home office or a playroom for the kids? How many cars need covered parking? It's critically important to ensure the home you select meets your family and lifestyle needs.

3. Do you want a condo or single-family home? Condos come with much less maintenance. You typically won't be shoveling snow in the winter or replacing the roof, but you'll likely pay monthly association fees to cover services and repairs in the community. Houses, on the other hand, come with more privacy and freedom to customize. They also come with full responsibility for maintenance.

4. How do you feel about living under covenants? Depending on where you buy, you may have to pay homeowner association (HOA) fees in addition to your mortgage. There are benefits to HOAs, such as maintenance, community centers, and maybe even a pool or gym. But you also could be faced with more restrictive rules about the look of the outside of your home, down to the color of your front door, types of window coverings, and whether you can plant flowers in your yard.

5. What school district do you want to be near? Even if you don't have children in the house, local schools will affect your property value. Prospective homebuyers tend to search with education in mind. Do your research on the schools in the areas you'd like to live in.

6. Should the home be move-in ready? Ask yourself how much elbow grease you're willing to put into a home – or how much you'll pay someone else to do the work. Fixer-upper homes can be great after the work is done, but you'll want to figure out your renovation budget before you start your home search. A 203k home-renovation loan might be the right resource for you. If you're not ready for the extra financial commitment of rehabbing a home, or you can't or don't want to wait for remodeling projects to finish up, then a home that's move-in ready might be right for you.

After considering all these factors, you'll be ready to start the home search with a clearer picture of where you're headed. When that time comes, let me guide you as your agent, all the way there. ​

​Oh By The Way...If you know someone who is thinking of buying, building, leasing or selling a home and would appreciate the level of service I provide, please call me with their name and number. I will be happy to follow up with them for you. My business is built strictly on referrals from great people like you! Remember... I am never too busy for your referrals

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Have you looked at the latest Real Estate Trends? 

"Rents are rising because of strong demand that supply hasn't kept up with. Nearly all the new households are renters, and young people moving out of their parents' homes will keep fueling rental demand."   Here is an interesting article.

Higher Rent means that this is a GREAT time to purchase a home! I can help you do this!

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Shakespeare in the Park is coming to Addison presenting "Antony & Cleopatra!" October 3-12, 2014 at Addison Circle Park 

I will have my RE/MAX DFW booth at the Park on October 3rd & 4th!  I look forward to seeing you there!


Antony & Cleopatra

Mark Antony lives a life of decadence in Egypt with the country’s beautiful queen and his mistress, Cleopatra. Antony is compelled to return home to defend his land and marry Caesar’s sister. However, this doesn’t quite work out as planned. The web of love, lust, loyalty and power makes this play one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies.

By William Shakespeare Directed by René Moreno Wednesdays-Sundays October 1-12, 2014 at Addison Circle Park Purchase tickets for $10

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Come out to Shakespeare in the Park and stop by my booth on Friday and Saturday, October 3 & 4th!  Sign up for the Wine Basket Giveaway!

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Stop by my RE/MAX Booth October 3rd & 4th at Shakespeare in the Park - Addison Circle! 

Enter the drawing for a Wine Basket! 

by William Shakespeare Directed by René Moreno Wednesdays — Sundays All Fall performances begin at 8:00pm September 17-27, 2014 at Samuell Grand Amphitheatre October 1-12, 2014 at Addison Circle Park