Located in Downtown Carrollton, Blooms Candy & Soda Pop Shop has garnered a reputation for housing unique and original candy. Originally built to be a flower shop, the business has become a staple for any candy lover. Built to resemble a western store, the atmosphere resembles and heightens the quirky nature of its goods. The walls are filled with a variety of strange sweets, gag gifts and over 800 different soda flavors. From Bacon flavored Cotton Candy, to Pickle Mints, this store has it all! Despite all of the unique candy, Blooms sells a plethora of original and nostalgic candy and soda! Its loyal following can be attributed to the assortment of childhood candy that bring back a wave of nostalgia, “walking in and seeing Razzles and Moon Pies was like a major flashback”, said Kristie Gent. The wide selection of sweets, gifts, and toys make it a hotspot for people of all ages. “We keep coming back because there's just so much to look at and choose from”, said store patron Corrie Stone. For those looking for adventurous candy to pass out on Halloween, make sure to stop by at Blooms!


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