After a tumultuous fight to end 287(g), Carrollton suspended the act on September 6. The act had been created to to reduce alien crime, by allowing law enforcement to alert federal forces of an undocumented immigrant. But, caused major controversy among the Hispanic community as activists claimed citizens were afraid to call the police. In July, many gathered to protest 287(g).

   After being used for 8 years, citizens were ecstatic to learn their wish had been granted. But the overturning of 287(g), was a bittersweet moment. Citizens were disheartened to learn that 287(g) was repealed, but Donald Trump's new federal policy would replace it. His policy allows for the same actions to continue on, but officers no longer need to be trained by ICE.  "What the city is basically doing is to try and calm down the community by taking away the program, but they aren't really taking it away," Carreon, 36, said on September 6.

   While many are disappointed about the outcome of events, it has also inspired many to continue their protests. "I feel a bit let down, but I'm also hopeful that the Hispanic community will come out and fight for their children.", said Carreon, 36. It seems that even in the most hopeless of times, people find the endurance and faith to continue on. 

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