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On Friday, July 21, The Texas Senate Committee met in Austin to conduct a bathroom bill hearing. A bill dealing with whether a person should use the bathroom that identifies with their gender, or with the gender they were born with. It was a  lengthy hearing, lasting nearly  11 hours, with a large turnout of people displaying their views on the matter. This was the third  hearing on the bathroom bill issue in Texas. The bathroom bill has been heavily debated over the past few years, evident in the 250 people showing up to protest this bill. Although Many people gathered to testify on the subject, the hearing ultimately ended with 8-1 vote favoring to pass the ‘bathroom bill’. Senate 3 was signed off on, which requires in public school, or government official building to have a restricted bathroom that doesn’t have to follow a person's gender identity, but the gender on their birth certificate. Texas is now following North Carolina example on their bathroom bill policy. Many are angered over this decision and feel their rights are being violated, while others fear the possibility of what could happen without homogenous bathroom. This issue has proven to be costly, time consuming , and a very sensitive subject. This debate has parties extremely divided and seems it will not go away soon. As bathroom issues increase in relevance, it seems as if the issue is not going away anytime soon and there will be more heard on this subject.  


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