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Boys Over Flowers

Boys over flowers

This Korean drama is based off a young girl's struggle to fit into her new wealthy school. While it features forbidden love, and a quirky message. It filled with romance and drama that is unlike anything offered in other Netflix shows. Watching the bonds and relationships build in this show is incredible, and engaging . The emotion and pain in the show will surely have you reaching for tissues and leave you on the edge of your seat each episode.



Based off the Archie comics, Riverdale is a group of high school student trying to figure out who murdered one of their classmates. This isn’t your average murder mystery, it’s so much more. It contains such diverse and well developed characters that anyone will definitely love. Riverdale’s humor and suspense will keep you wanting more. Not only is it filled with drama, but it will leave you guessing who did it. It features amazing music that adds additional depth to to the show. Riverdale is a show you can watch all day, and still want to click on the next episode.



This show focuses on a young adult trying to raise her 5 siblings, as her struggles are revealed Shameless has a humorous yet emphatic tone. The show features very genuine storyline that is easy to grow attracted to. Shameless will have your emotions for a ride as it features fun moments, as well as extremely dark ones. It’s filled with family, romance, and obscenity. As the show progresses it continues to get crazier.


 The Carrie Diaries

This show is  a prequel to the beloved Sex and the City. If you love Sex and the city you’ll love The Carrie Diaries. It focuses on a young Carrie Bradshaw and Carrie’s friends going through the struggles of teenage life. Carrie is a very relatable and admirable character that anyone will love. This show has a strong New York emphasis and allows you to partake in Carrie’s journey. It's entertaining to see her and her peers evolve. It’s interesting to see how Carrie came to be and how she changes as a writer over time. Although the show only has two seasons, they are greatly amusing and definitely will make you want more of The Carrie Diaries.


Jane The Virgin

This show is one of the craziest ones on this list. As you see Jane endure the struggles of dealing with being a mother. You get to see a crazy love triangle unfold before your eyes. This telenovela will have you reaching for the popcorn. It has constant plot twist and never features a dull moments. Jane The Virgin has hilarious narrations and funny gags that will keep you glued to your screen.


Girl Boss

 This show is the epitome of good comedy. Loosely based on the true story of Sophia Amoruso’s journey to her successful  business Nasty Gal. Girl Boss really gives a look into the struggles faced in order to make it big in today's business world. It has a unique sense of humor that allows for some interesting characters and fun storylines. It’s unique dialogue and plot will have you laughing non stop. As the show progress through  Sophia’s friendships, business struggles, fears, and heartbreaks, you’ll want to see more of this Netflix Original.


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