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Texas recently passed the bathroom bill act which requires people to use the restroom which their birth certificate says rather than which gender they feel.


Since the passing of the bathroom bill people have already been responding and protesting this bill. More specifically a seven year old transgender, named Libby wrote a letter to her school explaining her fears with this new act. Libby feels her safety is being jeopardized and demands a change. This child is one of the many outraged about this act showing the bill will definitely continue to be a hot topic. While others have proven to be remaining adamant about birth certificate gender defining which restroom a person uses.


Libby’s parents feel very strongly about fighting this act and will continue to try and allow their child to use the bathroom she desires. Seven year old Libby is now acting as a strong activist against this bathroom issue.


Libby is a prime example how transgender, and their families are reacting across Texas. The bathroom bill will surely remain up for debate.


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