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With school coming around the corner, you want to make sure everything is perfect for the busy year to come. We all know the basics: notebooks, pens, pencils, etc, but some very important things are often overlooked while shopping for back to school. Whether you’re a parent, in college, or in high school. These are some essentials you want to get when you go back to school.


Electronic essentials


Although electronics aren’t typically the first thing you think of when you hear back to school, they are vital in today’s education. Buying electronics doesn’t have to be costly or stressful and here are some affordable back to school needs that you can find in the electronics aisle. First headphones, these are important for some alone study time, when you have some free time and want to wind down by listening to music, or passing time when walking from class to class. A good inexpensive pair of headphones aren't hard to come by and are available at Target for only $9.99. Another essential item for the school year is a portable charger. Let's face it, although we aren't supposed to use our phones during school we do. Don't let a dead phone put extra stress that you don’t need, or restrict internet access during school. Invest in a good portable charger, Walmart has a portable charger for only $8.55. Another electronic essential is a USB, although useful it's often overlooked. A USB is important to save those important essay, project, or documents. Even if you already have a USB it’s good to start the year with a fresh one that has plenty of storage and doesn’t contain unnecessary items that are no longer need from the previous school year. You can find a USB drive at any office supplies store, but Target has a few starting at a low price of $9.99.


Lunch Wear


Packing lunch and bringing something to drink during school is very important, it can save money from buying lunch, water, or coffee at school. A thermos is really useful to keep drinks cool/hot. Thermos are a good way to stay hydrated or caffeinated, whether you want to bring water, or coffee a thermal is definitely necessary. You can find thermos practically anywhere and Target has some really cute ones ranging from $3-15. Another thing to pack with you is a good food storage container. By buying a food storage container you can save the hassle with bad school lunch, and you can save some money. Make sure to get a food storage container that’s small and convenient, food storage containers are important for everyday use and shouldn’t be forgotten. Target has the perfect food storage container for the low price of  $13.49. Another important item for lunch is a lunch bag. Although this is obvious it’s critical to get a thermal lunch bag. A thermos lunch bag can help store your food and not mix it with your papers or get your backpack messy. If you have a thermos lunch bag it will really help maintain freshness of food. A good lunch bag should be easily accessed and be able to fit inside your backpack without taking up too much space but it should also have a lot of space for your you lunch. It doesn’t hurt if the thermos lunch bag has a nice pattern on it too! Walmart has some nice thermos lunch boxes that are very spacious for $8.99.



Whether you forgot breakfast, or simply need something to hold you over til lunch, small snacks are something that should be kept in your backpack. Some good healthy snack to take on the go are:  gum, cliff bars, crackers, and sliced apples. A few snacks to keep in a backpack can be a lifesaver. Make sure to never let an empty stomach affect your school work and keep some snack with you this school year.




A calendar is important to mark those important dates, it’s different from a planner because everything is laid out for the month instead of the week. This helps you maintain a good schedule and to not forget about any important dates. They are extremely helpful for the disorganized or the busy body by managing time or making time for football games, etc. This often isn’t thought of to buy, but can really help for a more organized school year and more effective planning.

Some Extra

There are a few things forgotten that can really make our year a lot easier than you can find in the toiletry aisle. Germ ex, chapstick, and baby wipes are essentials. Germ ex and baby wipes can help when you have to eat quickly and don’t have time to go wash your hands. Baby Wipes can also help with any spills you have or any emergency where you might need them. It’s very important to keep your hands clean especially during flu season. Chapstick is also a must during fall and winter because of the dry cold weather. These few things are easy to store in a backpack and come in a handy way  more than you would think.


Don’t forget about his school necessities when you go back to school shopping this year. These few items can help improve this school year for you, or your child and aren’t hard to get!


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