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Should You Take Your Kids to Watch 'The Emoji Movie'?

Scoring only 7% on Rotten Tomatoes, critics have claimed this to be one of the worst animated movies to date that attempts to have a good message, but fails. Despite reviews about this movie, is it really okay to take your children to see?


Here’s what you need to know, first off, the emoji movie isn’t terrible. It is definitely tolerable however, there are some jokes that definitely shouldn’t be in a kids movie. The raunchy humor is tasteless, as well as the other child-friendly humor in the movie. The movie definitely lacks depth and is a bit unwatchable at times. It fails to send its intended message, and seems to lack focus over the matter while trying to simply be bold and tease humanities use of phones. Although this movie tries to attempt to make sense of the constant need to use our phones, it just comes off as unfunny and dull. The characters in the movie don’t send a bad message, but they don’t necessarily send a good one either.


The emoji movie focuses on the journey of “Meh” a malfunction emoji trying not to get deleted. The Emoji Movie includes “Meh’s”  journey to “the cloud”, it attempts to be a journey of friendship, family, love, and self-acceptance. While going through this journey he meets many emoji friends and gains his family's support.


So the question is whether or not you should take your children to watch this social media influenced emoji movie? I say not to, there are a lot of jokes that shouldn't be in a PG rated film, and it’s honestly a waste of time. Your children will not take away a good message from seeing this film and it’s not fun to watch. Rather than spending your money on the emoji movie, spend it seeing another children's film with an actual positive message.   

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Sunday, August 6, 2017