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Big Tex

A restaurant menu composed entirely of grilled cheese? It may sound crazy, but Cheezies is a Frisco restaurant that offers a new dining experience, serving items that only contain cheese. Their menu primarily contains grilled cheese, but also mac and cheese, and salads. Cheezies is a family operated business that has a high emphasis on cheese.

I tried the Big Tex grilled cheese. The sandwich alone cost 6.99, and the combo costed 8.99. The Big Tex contains: brisket, jalapeno cheddar bread, aged white cheddar, and onions marmalade. My Big Tex came pretty standard, in a basket containing the fries and also a side of pickles. Although it was simple, it was well fitted for the restaurant.

The grilled cheese itself was very crispy, it seemed as if they had cooked it for a while. Having jalapeno cheddar bread added some spice. The bread of the grilled cheese was very soft and very easy to eat, and the jalapeno in the bread added some spice to the sandwich. The brisket was cooked to perfection as it was bursting with tenderness and flavor. The white cheddar cheese tied it all together and gave the well anticipated burst of cheese I expected. All combined, this sandwich left an unforgettable taste in my mouth.

The side of pickles at first confused me, I wondered why there was a side of pickles in the basket. Alone the pickles are incredible with an amazing seasoning to top them off, and are unlike any pickles I’ve had before. They aren’t very sour like your typical average pickles. Combined with the grilled cheese the pickles offer a burst of freshness, and add a stronger, different texture to the sandwich. Cheezies claims it will “soon be famous for its pickles”.

The fries were very crisp and didn't have much salt. They were very thick as well and offered the grilled cheese a good accent. The texture was most memorable, biting into them offered me a sensational crispy taste that made me want to come back for more.

My service was also outstanding as an employee came out multiple times to make sure I was enjoying my meal, despite it being a “self serve’ restaurant. While there, I enjoyed good music and friendly people. It seemed as though all the employees were happy to be there, and all customers were having a good experience while dining.  

Overall my dining experience was exceptional, Cheezies offers a cool new way to enjoy food compared to any other restaurant. I would recommend Cheezies grilled cheese and fries, and their red velvet dessert cookies any day!


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