Local Carrollton Italian restaurant changes how we view your typical local business. Joe’s pizza opened 28 years ago as a pizzeria. Carolyn, the current owner, was once an enthusiastic customer, who visited the restaurant everyday after school. Little did she know that she would become the future owner of Joe’s. Originally, Carolyn bought Joe’s 16 years ago for her son, but has continued to run it to this day. Saying Joe's Pizza is involved in the community is an understatement. The local eatery donates baby supplies to teen mothers, provides coupons to underprivileged families for Joe’s, and helps veterans. They were the first in Carrollton to open a kitchen for those in need. Joe’s holds an annual thanksgiving kitchen for the homeless giving them a hot meal in their time of need. Inspired by the restaurant's ability to provide aid to the community, Carolyn is determined to open a proper soup kitchen in the future. Joe’s pizza not only helps the community, but also has delicious food. Their New-York style pizza is marvelous and very fresh. Joe’s pizza has good food, and their staff is amazing. The owner knows all her customers very well and makes sure they have a pleasant experience at Joe’s, exemplifying Carolyn’s caring attitude about her restaurant. Joe’s not only provides good food, but helps Carrollton tremulously, go check out Joe’s for yourself today.

Located on: 1855 Frankford Rd E #100, Carrollton, TX 75007 


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