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   A new growing sense of community has formed thanks to the Carrollton community garden, also known as the Giving Garden. This community garden allows people to come together for their mutual love of gardening. This fun garden allows a bed per person their first year and after they can have up to two beds for 40$ for each bed. All the proceeds earned are used for the benefit of the garden. Not only is this a way to bring people closer, it allows experienced gardeners to offer their tips and tricks to fellow plant enthusiast. The garden also helps the community, growing  up to a ton of food every year. This is possible thanks to the garden’s one rule, a person has to be willing to donate half of their grown food. This community garden came to fruition when the former Aldersgate church’s pastor, wanted to make use of the extra space in the church's yard. The idea sprang in 2009 and became official in 2010, and since then continues to expand. Two additional gardens have been made in Carrollton. The Church members asked organization keep Carrollton beautiful to help. Many donations are made to the garden, often helped and attended by high school students, and Boy and Girl Scouts. Although the summer heat takes a toll on the garden turnout, during spring several people show up to leave their mark in the Giving Garden. Even if summer heat makes it difficult, the garden is seen to be growing and thriving. Carrollton’s community garden is helping the community, while also bringing people closer, go check out the Giving Garden yourself today.



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