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On Saturday, April 27, Operation Kindness brought together its esteemed Kitten Nursery staff and dedicated volunteers for an enriching training session aimed at equipping individuals with the skills needed to care for bottle-fed kittens.

Led by Kitten Nursery Manager Angela Cariotis and her expert team, the day consisted of two informative training sessions attended by over 40 enthusiastic volunteers in total. The sessions began with a thorough discussion on the fundamentals of nurturing underaged kittens, covering crucial topics such as feeding frequency, bathroom assistance, temperature regulation, weight monitoring and early signs of illness to be vigilant about.

Following these presentations, attendees had the opportunity to engage with the nursery team, asking questions and seeking clarification on various aspects of kitten care. The nursery team then took center stage, demonstrating how to bottle-feed some of the kittens they were caring for in the nursery.

With precision and care, the nursery staff showcased the process of encouraging kittens to latch onto the bottle, demonstrating the correct angle and technique for holding the bottle and ensuring the kittens’ comfort and safety during feeding time.

Volunteers were then invited to step forward and try their hand at bottle-feeding. Under the watchful guidance of the nursery nurses, participants took turns practicing how to feed and handle the kittens. It was a moment of connection and learning, as volunteers immersed themselves in the experience.

The Operation Kindness’ Foster staff provided a thorough selection of essential equipment for the fosters to take home with them, including kitten-sized litter boxes, toys, blankets and mixing bottles.

Foster Coordinator Katie Keiler said the team plans to host more training sessions in the future, with dates to come as planning continues. Those interested in attending future training sessions, signing up to foster or learn more about our foster program can check out the Operation Kindness foster webpage or contact the Operation Kindness Foster Team.