Carolyn Alvey – Guest Contributor
May 14 @ 2:04 pm
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Fonzie Quinonez, Installation Manager at Expo Home, Jose Velasquez and Tony Velasquez

What would you do if you saw a man collapse in front of you? We never really know how we would react in a crisis, but hope we would have the peace of mind and training to call 9-1-1 and offer assistance to the person in need until medical help arrived. 

Expo Home Improvement team members Jose Velasquez and his son Tony Velasquez recently were faced with that terrifying situation. They had just finished the installation of a walk-in bathtub and were doing paperwork in their truck when they saw the client fall and strike his head as he bent over to pick up a package at the curb.

“He had a big knot on his head where he’d hit it,” said Jose. “But he didn’t want help.”

They insisted on helping the man to his feet. Tony offered him support and carried the package to the garage for him. Suddenly, the man fell face down again. Tony called 

9-1-1 while Jose attended to the injured man.

“I checked his wrist and neck for a pulse but couldn’t find one,” said Jose. “He was already looking pale, so I started CPR like I’d learned in school. After about a minute he came to.”

They waited on first responders and tried to make the client as comfortable as possible until help arrived. 

“We used a piece of cardboard to shade him from the sun,” said Tony. “We put a roll of tissue under his head and rolled him to his side. He was a little disoriented. He kept asking who we were and what we were doing. We reassured him we were the guys who were just working at his house. We tried to keep him calm.”

“I’m really proud of these guys,” said Fonzie Quinonez, Installation Manager at Expo Home, who was on the phone with his team when the client collapsed. “They could’ve finished a little earlier and they would have been already gone. I thank God they were still there.”

Jose has worked for Expo Home the past 11 years and Tony joined the team four years ago. 

“I just did what anybody would do,” said Jose. “I’m not a hero.” 

Which is exactly the response you’d expect from humble heroes like Jose and Tony.

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