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After two-months of working together to solve high-level math problems, the advanced students from Oak Crest Private School in Carrollton won the 5th annual Explore Horizons Young Mathematicians’ Award. The Grand Final competition took place on December 6th at the Microsoft Store in NorthPark Center.

Sarah Djamo, Sienna Lee, Ella Feilmeier and Arabella Arredondo from Oak Crest Private School competed against teams from Green Valley Elementary School, Jack C. Binion Elementary School, Grace E. Hardeman Elementary School, Lake Pointe Elementary School and Harmony Science of Dallas in the final challenge. A total of 31 schools representing Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD, Northwest ISD, Birdville ISD, Garland ISD, Arlington ISD as well as area private and charter schools competed in the math competition held throughout North Texas.

“At Oak Crest Private School, we place a heavy emphasis on ensuring that children can apply what they are learning in life, rather than just teaching them to be able to pass a test,” said Hildegard Jessup, Head of School. “This competition aligned perfectly with this view for the subject of mathematics, and Explore Horizons makes it fun for everyone who participates.”

The competition is designed in conjunction with the NRICH Project at the University of Cambridge with the goal of inspiring and challenging the mathematical minds of the young and gifted and uncovering the math stars of tomorrow. Explore Horizons has five locations across DFW and provides enrichment and tutoring in math, reading and writing, for children of all abilities in Pre-K through 8th grade. 

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