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Anaya Patel, 1st on Floor in Senior A Division.

Medals Galore Won by Texas Dynamix Gymnasts at District

     The District 2, Level 3 Championships, held at The Rock, in Hudson Oaks, on October 12th continued success in placement and medals by the Texas Dynamix Gymnastics Team. The Senior A Division, had Dynamix gymnast, Anaya Patel (pictured above)  earned the Gold Medal with season best score of 9.6 on Floor! She won Floor for the second meet in a row, too. Anaya earned Silver Medals on Vault and All-Around. Annabelle Fox, though slightly injured, competed in every event in the Senior B Division, to qualify for the North State Championship.The girls had their whole team competing for the first time this year.

     Four girls competed in the Senior C Division, including Citlali Govea, who moved up from the Achievement Group, and had her highest Floor score of the year. Emma Hubiak, won three events: Bars, Beam, and Floor, with season best of 9.45. Lily Howard earned 2nd on Beam with a 9.25. Luci Vasquez placed in the top 3 in all events! Luci placed  2nd on Floor with a season best 9.325. She earned 3rd places on Vault, Beam, then a season bests of 9.175 on Bars and 36.85 on All-Around. Kai Winters (pictured above) competing in the Junior C Division had season bests on Vault of 9.3,for third; and Beam, 9.6; Floor, 9.6; then All-Around, 37.85.

     North State will be in three weeks in Lubbock at Rock Solid.

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