To celebrate the growing diversity in the City of Carrollton, members of the various cultural communities within the City have come together for a multi-cultural event themed, “Carrollton’s Jubilee of Cultures.”

Spearheaded by Pat Malone, a former Council Member for Carrollton for 7 years, the event marks a culmination of an 8-year dream to open hearts and minds to the richness of the cultures that are oftentimes under-appreciated in our city. “When I started working with different communities in Carrollton, those coming from different countries and belonging to a variety of ethnicities, I started realizing that the similarities among us are greater than the differences. Despite the occasional language barrier, I found that we have many common interests. We truly are ALL the same!”

This dream finally came true for her when she found like-hearted friends who are collaborating to realize this goal. According to Pat, “During this year of our City’s centennial, we decided to celebrate our future by organizing a festival of diversity that we hope will live on.”

“Carrollton’s Jubilee of Cultures” will be held in Historic Downtown Carrollton Main Street, Carrollton, TX 75006 September 21, 2013 / 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

We shall have cultural presentations, FREE food tastings, art displays, and a sampling of products representing many cultures. We encourage everyone to participate and celebrate with us.

As a city, we are 100 years young and we are laying the foundation for a legacy of a diverse, multicultural and united City of Carrollton.

Anyone who wishes to participate as a vendor, food donor, or volunteer is encouraged to contact Pat Malone at (972) 242-3357, or Rowena Watters at (214) 213-8515,

The “Carrollton’s Jubilee of Cultures” is a diverse group of individuals and ethnic communities within the City of Carrollton. We have put our hearts into this project, and look forward to working together as one for many more multicultural festivals under this banner in the years to come.