Hildegard Jessup – Guest Contributor
Nov 16 2020
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Oak Crest Private School’s student council, led by four middle school students, decided that they wanted to help in the local Carrollton community. They recognized that many families are struggling due to job losses as a direct consequence of COVID-19. When they heard that Metrocrest Services needed coats and winter clothing for families that could not afford to purchase these themselves, they launched a school-wide coat drive. Under their leadership, students created a decorated drop-off box outside of the school, created and sent home flyers to all parents and collected the garments that were donated. This past Saturday, they met Megan Gordon from the City of Carrollton, and presented her with over 100 coats and other articles of winter clothing for the charity. These students all had the opportunity to see just how good it feels to help someone in need!

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