Every child is unique, and therefore, every child’s educational needs are unique. When it comes to education, there is no such thing as one size fits all. The fact that parents, who know their child the best, have the freedom to select the school that would allow their child to make the optimum progress is definitely worth celebrating.

At Oak Crest Private School, we address the uniqueness of each child by taking individualized instruction to a whole new level. Every student follows a custom-tailored program that allows the child to advance through our challenging curriculum at their own pace after fully mastering the materials being learned. This builds a student’s confidence and certainty, and it allows bright children to excel!

In order to celebrate National School Choice Week, our students are writing thank you letters to their parents to acknowledge them for their help. They are writing testimonials about what they love about their school.

Every child should love the school that they attend whether it is public or private, charter or home school. National School Choice Week which celebrates the freedom for parents to choose is definitely worth celebrating!