Are you singing in the shower, but looking for a bigger audience? Now is your opportunity! Auditions are now open for the Carrollton Community Chorus for the Fall of 2015.  We will teach you how to sing even better and have fun as we perform at special events and concerts locally and throughout North Texas! 

This is a chorus designed to include anyone who has the desire to learn how to sing in a choral style and wants to sing in a chorus.  We currently have 30 members. 

The vast majority of choirs hold auditions to find those persons who already have training, experience and proficiency in singing.  This chorus is different.  Designed to allow the true "Community" an opportunity to participate.  The community chorus audition comprises of only four steps.  If you answer all four questions with "Yes", you will be invited to be a member: 

1) Do you have a passion to learn how to sing? 

2) Do you promise to not talk during rehearsal? 

3) Will you do your best to follow the instructions given in each rehearsal as to how to exercise and sing regardless of your previous training, background and experience?  

4) Can you match a pitch given to you? 

IF you answer, "yes" to all four of these questions, you will be invited to be a member of the chorus.   (You must be at least 18 years old.)

  • Receive Training to Sing Better
  • Perform with Local Bands & Orchestras
  • Seasoned Artistic Director & Accompanist
  • Sing All Types of Music
  • Give Concerts Throughout North Texas
  • Make Friends with Fellow Musicians
  • Have a Blast While Serving You Community 

Rehearsal Time - Monday nights from 6:47 p.m. to 8:57, held in the choir room of the First United Methodist of Carrollton*, 2201 East Hebron Parkway, Carrollton, Texas 75010. Our first rehearsal begins Monday night, August 24th, 2015. 

Sessions - There are two sessions in a season.  August to December and January to May.  We do not rehearse while school is out in the summer. 

Do I have to Live in Carrollton? You do NOT have to live in Carrollton. Anyone may be a member regardless of where you live. 

Concerts and Performances - We will be involved in concerts and performances for ceremonies, parties, our own concerts and performances with local bands and orchestras. 

Presently, we will be singing in a multi-choir concert with 6 other choirs and over 220 other singers in Flower Mound in September.  We will have our Fall concert on Monday night, November 9th at First UMC Carrollton.  The following Saturday, November 14th, we will be performing in Richardson for a 400 person fundraiser for the American Heart Association.  On both occasions, we will be accompanied by the 18 member Crosswinds Jazz Band. We will be singing music primarily from Broadway musicals.  

Audition Times – We will be holding auditions beginning at 6:00 p.m. on the Mondays of August 3, 10 and 17.  Contact Stan Hayes, our director, to arrange for an audition date and time. Your audition will be 15 minutes in length or less.  You do not have to prepare any music or solos for the audition.

Want to Audition? - Text or email Stan Hayes TODAY to schedule a day and time for your audition!! 

• Mobile 214-734-4046 (Text) 

• Email:         (Please put the words "Audition - CCC" in the subject line.) 

Self Supporting - The Carrollton Community Chorus is a self supporting organization.  The dues for a session is $125 per member.  

Accompanist – Our accompanist is Douglass McFarland. Douglass is an accomplished pianist and organist with many years of experience. 

The Founder and Artistic Director of the Carrollton Community Chorus, Stan Hayes, created the Little Elm Community Chorus in 2011 with great success.  Now the same opportunity is being brought to the City of Carrollton.  

Stan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Mississippi State University and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.  He has also has achieved 31 hours towards a Master’s Degree in Music Education at the University of North Texas.  He has trained soloists and choirs for over 42 years.

Stan was an auditioned member of the Dallas Symphony Chorus, singing Second Bass for 26 years and has directed music in 6 churches as well as for Zig Ziglar's class at Prestonwood. 

Come sing with us!!!  You will have a blast and will be able to serve the community in a great and unique way. 

* Special thanks to David Bales, Music and Arts Director and the First United Methodist Church of Carrollton for the their support of the Carrollton Community Chorus.

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