Children’s Cancer Fund "Healing Works" Art Exhibit



Central Standard Time



NorthPark Center
8687 N Central Expy
Dallas, Texas 75225

Children’s Cancer Fund + NorthPark showcase childhood cancer patients in “Healing Works”

"Healing Works" is a curated four-week experience, staging the stories of local children who are in the fight of their lives. This interactive exhibit features installations by childhood cancer patients. Each masterpiece was created with the guidance of highly trained art and pet therapists. 

Healing Works aims to bring awareness to the struggle and the triumph of children. Some have beaten the worst odds, defying death thanks to the cutting-edge treatment provided by local doctors. 

As you walk through this exhibit, you will learn the stories, see the smiles, and experience the journey these local families are living. 

To purchase a print of the artwork, simply scan the QR code on each panel. Your support will support the mission to end pediatric cancer.